The Latest Developments in Courier Tracking Software Version 5

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The Latest Developments in Courier Tracking Software Version 5

Post by Techcool786 on Sat Jun 03, 2017 2:56 pm

In Today’s Modern time world is getting Advance day by day. With this upcoming significant growth in online shopping, consumers are demanding an improved delivery experience from both retailers and courier companies. The ‘last mile’ and doorstep experience is the most critical part of the online shopping and home delivery experience and is often the only part of the process where there is any human interaction. The performance of the delivery company during this vital stage is in extricable linked to the e-retailer and can play a key role in the consumer’s decision to buy online again
Feature of courier tracking software version 5: - courier tracking software helps the client to track their shipment online. Just enter the consignment or shipment number and track the shipment with current status. User can track the shipment number. Hear he can see all the details according to his shipment. Like origin, destination, etc. with shipment current status. Also user can see signature of parcel receiver person. On the tracked shipment page user can not only see the details but also print all those details on a paper by click print button. With this online Tracking feature you will get your own complete website which has all the static pages like home, about us, services, price list, and branches and contact us.
In this script there is a news section on fronted where you can add news about your company. What’s new or what are you doing and Know clients or visitors about your company. In this separate login panel for staff members to add shipments.
That’s the why they don’t need to login in admin panel to add shipment. Get protected your customer information. In this time and cost calculator, by this utility your customer can check the expected cost about the shipment, before send. Customer can request online from your website for pick up a shipment from his location and can schedule it.
In this script user can add new shipment from admin panel. User can also choose your existing customer and just fill the other details related to shipment. It also helps you to find all your shipment with its current status. Admin can update your shipment status from here.
From his own site a user can update the shipment status from admin panel. You can update the shipment by delivered to and if don't delivered then the reason for that. Here you can also mansion delivered date, parcel receiver person signature copy, courier delivered person with his mobile number.
An admin can manage your staff members to add data (shipment details) on the website. There is two type of user, one is operator and second is moderator. Both have limited rights for shipment data. Moderator has more rights than operator. All you can manage from your admin panel.
This script includes the exciting customer feature. Where you can add new exciting customers, edit their information's. These existing customer will show on your add shipment page. You just need to select you customer or company name and all the information of the customer will filled automatically into the fields.


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