Interesting Facts That Courier Companies Never Knew About Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

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Interesting Facts That Courier Companies Never Knew About Courier Tracking Software Version 6.0

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 04, 2017 4:34 pm

Due to high level technology every courier, cargo companies and other are adopting new technology for intensive business. To earn more profit is the become of today’s generation. For this many want to start their own online business. Online system or facility makes everything possible and easy. So that’s way people are starting their own business related to courier companies. The courier companies are expanding their services or business in the world. Due to busy routine or life, people give more preference to the online business as compare to other business. Number of people running courier tracking and booking business online and really earning huge profit.
Many readymade script the available in the market for starting your own business online. With the year of experience and expertise advance courier tracking software version 6.0 comes into existence that manage courier business online. This software covers online tracking, online booking and tracking, account receivable, delivery tracking and many more. This software is suitable for small to medium size courier companies and is best tool for different courier companies that track consignment and gives accurate delivery information. This software can be easily used by any service that includes delivery as part of its operational services. This can include courier services, delivery riders, passenger delivery etc. The main features of the software is to facilitate management of deliveries including working hours management and scheduling appointment, so that order orders to not overlap or miss in busy times. The software holds in all information about the employees the delivery services, the clients and their details and even their comments, if any.
The couriers section holds in information of all individuals who are responsible for the delivery services. This includes proper recording of all the jobs performed by them and their personal contact details. Viewing this list makes it easy to find and appoint an individual with a task that that he or she can manage in a given time. The clients section holds in all information about the company’s clients that are catered including phone numbers, addresses and emails. The program also offers the option of capturing photos of the couriers and the clients that can be saved with their profiles. Also the choice of calling directly from the program to the customer’s Skype ID is possible, besides making direct phone calls. Watch the full detail about the courier software @


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