Ways to use Pro Same day delivery script in customers business.

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Ways to use Pro Same day delivery script in customers business.

Post by Techcool786 on Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:13 pm

Now you can get your products into the hands of your customers faster than ever. With Same Day delivery Shipping from Eagle Technosys, every order submitted (in warehouse) before 5:30 AM LWT (Local Warehouse Time) will ship out that same day. This help Forum covers the preference settings and other key aspects of Same Day Shipping to help you understand how it works.
Let’s Talk about What Same Day Delivery Script really is: - Same Day Delivery Script allows you to send an order to an Eagle Technosys center where we will pick, pack, and hand the order to the carrier all in the same day. For an order to be shipped the same day, you will need to send it to the warehouse by the local cut-off time.
Here is vocabulary used throughout Eagle Technosys around Same Day Shipping:-
Local Warehouse Time (LWT) – For Guaranteed Same Day Shipping, your orders will need to be dropped (an order is dropped when it is automatically submitted and accepted by the warehouse) before 5:30 AM in the destination warehouse’s time zone. For example, for order shipping from the Eagle Technosys UK warehouse you would ensure that it is submitted no later than 5:30 a.m. GMT, whereas order shipping out of Los Angeles can be submitted by 5:30 a.m. PST. To keep all of these time zones straight, we refer to the time zone of the destination warehouse as Local Warehouse Time.
Guaranteed Same Day Shipping – We take our shipping guarantees seriously. If you want an order shipped out same day, ensure that it is submitted to the warehouse by 05:30 LWT and we’ll ship it the same day, guaranteed!
Best Effort Same Day Shipping – For orders submitted after 05:30 LWT, we’ll try our best to ship your orders the same day. Although orders received during this time period are not guaranteed to ship the same day, nearly all orders submitted before 10:30 LWT receive Same Day Shipping, and orders submitted before 13:30 LWT get best effort at Same Day Shipping.
Expedited Same Day Options – We know some orders must absolutely go out today even if they are submitted after 05:30 LWT. In these situations, you can upgrade most orders to go out the same day for a small fee. If we don’t deliver, we’ll automatically refund you for the expedited handling charge.
Guaranteed Next Business Day – If your order doesn’t qualify for Same Day Shipping, it will go out the next business day, guaranteed
Features of Same day Delivery Script:-Looks at the most likely same-day delivery customers and the cities where these individuals are concentrated .Unpacks the kinds of goods people are likeliest to order for same-day delivery.Lays out how the different same-day delivery services stack up against each other in terms of prices, location, and selection .Considers the barriers that could keep same-day delivery from ever becoming a mainstream preference among consumers. Identifies the technology that could make same-day delivery cost-effective and commonplace.


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